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Council of Health Insurance, Saudi Arabia

Council of Health Insurance

We envisioned, designed the technical architecture, prototyped, and devised a strategic roadmap for a Clinical LLM, revolutionizing medical search in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to CAI’s input, MedBot has become a flagship AI project for the Council of Health Insurance’s AI Initiative, with the aim of eventually being rolled out to the Kingdom’s 95,000 physicians.


Due to the vast array of medical conditions and the intricate nature of evidence-based treatment recommendations associated with each condition, it becomes impractical for doctors to retain every detail of these clinical guidelines and frameworks in their memory. Consequently, a significant portion of the doctor workforce, nearly half, rely on frequent reference to clinical guidelines on a daily basis to ensure adherence to optimal clinical practice. Currently, doctors often resort to conducting Google searches to access these guidelines, which introduces a range of issues such as unreliable sources, inconsistencies with local guidelines, and an inefficient and time-consuming searching process.

Our Project:

We are collaborating with the Council of Health Insurance, Saudi Arabia to develop a clinical LLM that is trained on the countries medical guidelines. In doing so we aim to revolutionise medical search for the countries doctors, making it more accurate, personalised, and efficient. Moreover, we have outlined a strategy for the MedBot to be expanded into medical education and insurance.