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Our engagement with Chai culminated in the development of more engaging and efficient chatbots with 30% higher user retention.


Chai is a Silicon Valley based start-up that is developing the leading platform for conversational chat artificial intelligence. Chai at present has 350,000 daily users and is a top 150 entertainment app within the Apple App store. Their platform enables users to converse with one of hundreds of selected chat-personas, where models powered by state-of-the-art lead to a highly engaging and entertaining user experience with the platform.

Our Project:

Our collaboration with Chai looked at using human feedback to tune models to be more engaging, as well as following work analysing platform-safety and model efficiency. Our ongoing collaboration with Chai culminated in a 30% increase in user retention, as well as building Chat AIs that can outcompete OpenAI while using an order of magnitude fewer parameters.

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