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Developing a clinical LLM for Saudi

We envisioned, designed the technical architecture, prototyped, and devised a strategic roadmap for a Clinical LLM, revolutionizing medical search in Saudi Arabia. Thanks to CAI’s input, MedBot has become a flagship AI project for the Council of Health Insurance’s AI Initiative, with the aim of eventually being rolled out to the Kingdom’s 95,000 physicians.

Case Study

Developing BragHouse’s AI Strategy

CAI developed a strategic roadmap for BragHouse to implement AI for engaging gaming and business growth. We are currently building-out three solutions that we proposed, with the company anticipating our work to double their valuation to $40M.

Chai Chatbot
Case Study

Fine-tuning Chai’s chatbots

Our engagement with Chai culminated in the development of more engaging and efficient chatbots with 30% higher user retention.